Pipeline Management

Client Benefits

  • Managing pipelines is a key component of Asset Integrity Management Systems
  • Our specialty is ‘non piggable’ or difficult to inspect pipelines
  • Our services include geographical pipeline information system
  • Exact routing & risk analysis
  • Data based on existing or x y z mapping runs
  • Can contain or combine different data sets (CIPS, DCVG, UT, etc.)
  • Corrosion growth, defect origin analysis


CAM can provide our clients, INTERO Inspection Services in Indonesia. INTERO are a global inspection company based in the Netherlands, operating since 1988 with representative offices around the globe. INTERO have completed more than 25,000 km of ‘nonpiggable’ or difficult to inspect pipeline, undertaking 200 – 250 inspections per year.

Pipeline Inspection Programs

  • Diameter ranges from 3” to 46” pipelines
  • Flexible tool & easy to modify for ‘non piggable’ lines
  • 1.5D bends, back to back, mitre bends & non-barred tee’s
  • Heavy wall thickness
  • Non ferrous materials
  • Realtime monitoring with glass-fibre wire

Inline Pipeline Inspection

  • Integrity assessment of unpiggable pipelines
  • Jetty lines
  • Multi-diameters

High Resolution Piglet

  • (Ultra) High resolution inspection
  • Exotic material pipe inspection

Offshore Inspections

  • SBM & loading lines
  • Export lines to FPSO

High Resolution Piglet

Operational Procedure

  • Project management
  • Is the pipeline piggable?
  • Cleaning the pipeline
  • Calibration/Gauging
  • In-line inspection
  • Data analysis
  • Defect assessment (Final Report)

Temporary Pig Traps

Our Strengths

  • Proven high-resolution ILI Piglet® tool
  • 31/2-5MHz Ultrasonic with IRIS principle or multiple fixed transducers
  • Designed for non-piggable pipelines
  • A-scan recording & analysis
  • Online real-time observation of results
  • Available UT & pigging knowledge/expertise
  • R & D department
  • Training & testing facilities
  • Focus on overall Asset Integrity Management (CAM)

Integrity Assessment

  • On-site reporting, first assessment
  • Final reporting in accordance with POF2009
  • Advance defect assessment ASME B31G
  • Fit for Service Reporting

Dig-up sheet (according to POV2009)

Our Inspection Fleet

UT Piglet 3"

UT Piglet 12"

Our Inspection Fleet – Special Applications

CAM services include Asset Integrity Management Systems, Facility Safety & Surveillance Systems, Drone Inspections & Surveys, Drone Flight Monitoring & Anti Drone Equipment & System Integration.

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