Stockpile Volumetric & Other Survey

Onboard drone PPK Geo-Referencing antenna & image metadata tagging system (3 D photogrammetry models).

Conveyor still, video & thermographic (bearings & motors) aerial inspections.

Stockpile Volumetric Survey

  • CAM drone (UAV) system does not require any Ground Control Points (GCP’s)
  • Less than 1% tolerance compared to around 10% for ground based volumetric survey
  • PPK Geo-Referencing provides as low as 3cm X Y Z GPS coordinates for stockpile volumetric or general drone (UAV) survey mapping
  • Hours vs. days with ground based survey

Survey Work

  • Autonomous Waypoint Navigation (AWN) for drone (UAV) survey work ensuring accurate imaging positioning & repeatable results for comparison
  • 3D photogrammetric topographical models – ability to manipulate or overlay for planning or other purposes

CAM services include Asset Integrity Management Systems, Facility Safety & Surveillance Systems, Drone Inspections & Surveys, Drone Flight Monitoring & Anti Drone Equipment & System Integration.

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