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Drone Imaging & Payload Control

Command Centre can take control of the drone cameras & any other payload. This allows the imaging equipment to be aimed, zoomed, adjusted & images or video taken to allow Command Centre to clearly identify & capture areas of interest.

Drone Flight Control

The system is not just passive, but allows the Command Centre Operator to take control of drone whilst on a mission or being manually flown via ‘click & go’ or with joysticks. This allows the Command Centre to then position the drone over areas of importance, aim, zoom and take imaging or control any of the drone payloads. Once this is done, the Command Centre can hand over control of the drone to the pilot again for continuation of deployment or return to home and landing.

CAM services include Asset Integrity Management Systems, Facility Safety & Surveillance Systems, Drone Inspections & Surveys, Drone Flight Monitoring & Anti Drone Equipment & System Integration.

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